Summertime Sundae Recipe

Summertime Sundae Recipe

Looking for the perfect Summer sweet treat?
Then why not pair our BOBBIE'S Brownies with your favourite Summer sorbets? This combo takes its inspo from the quintessentially British summer pudding and summer berries but what could be better than berries and brownies... Mmm we're dreaming of raspberry sorbet served with warm brownies, fresh berries and a dusting of almond flakes... ✨🍫 now you're talking! ⠀

Try BOBBIE'S and let us know your perfect combo!

Serves 3

Pre Time: 1min

Cook Time: 5min


3  BOBBIE’S Brownies

3  Generous Scoops of Raspberry Sorbet or Ice Cream

6  Generous Scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream

200g Raspberries

200g Blackberries

100g Blueberries

Almond flakes to decorate


Step 1/ In a mixing bowl, add your berries and mix together. Distribute your berries into three serving bowls and put aside.

Step 2/ Heat up your 3 BOBBIE’S Brownies in the oven or microwave (1 min in the microwave; 5mins in a pre-heated oven). [Optional: Slice each brownie into 4 cubes before heating.]

Step 3/ Plece your warmed brownies (or brownie cubes) in the three serving bowls on top of the berry mix.

Step 4/ To each serving bowl, add your 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream (we recommend Jude’s Vanilla and Clotted Cream Ice Cream or their Vegan Vanilla) and 1 scoop of your favourite raspberry sorbet or ice cream. 

Step 5/ At this stage, we suggest a gentle mixing of the ingredients in each serving bowl before adding a dusting of Almond Flakes.

Et voila! That’s it easy, in 6 minutes or less. It looks good, it tastes good and it does good... it’s truly a #perfect summer combo!

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