Meet Wedding Photographer Alba Turnbull

Meet Wedding Photographer Alba Turnbull

This week on #TheBite, we're chatting to Wedding Photographer Alba Turnbull, who captures "unscripted, genuine, nostalgia filled moments" through her stunning photography. Her style is modern, romantic and filled with story-telling. Alba talks to us about the importance of slowing down and finding time to recharge. 

Alba Turnbull

What drives you to do what you do?
People and their stories. Every time I show up to a session, wedding, or even a potential client call, I like to allow space to get to know my couple. What makes them laugh, their story, how they met, etc. Everyone is so different and it truly is a joy getting to be invited into telling their story.

Following this past year of COVID19 and the global upheaval we’ve all experienced in different ways, we at BOBBIE’S feel that as a result we’re really feeling the need for more ‘balance’ in life; balance in the choices we make, balance for a healthy mindset, finding balance in the things we enjoy and balancing what we all do with the way we put back into society and support others.

How has your perspective on life or work perhaps altered given your experiences of this past year? 
Having been so restricted in my ability to work in the past year (not being able to meet with clients, photograph weddings), it’s made me so much more appreciative that I can work and that I can do the work I want to do. I love that it is so fulfilling at a soul level. But equally, getting to slow down, enjoy the little things, escape the city, has been super life-giving and has allowed me to step into this season of work so much more refreshed and inspired. 

Where do you see the need or the advantages of balance in your own work/life perspectives? 
As a photographer, my work requires so much emotional and social energy which I love to give! However, I recognise the need and it’s so important to recharge and be poured into in order to give out of that overflow.  

When it comes to balancing treats and moderation -

What’s your biggest #treatyoself indulgence? 
Ottolenghi pastries. OH. MY. I'd stand in that queue in the pouring rain for them. Anything from there feels like a treat and when I'm done eating it I feel an overwhelming sadness haha.

Your self care non-negotiables? 
SLEEP! And slow mornings after busy work days / weekends. Also, food… cooking it, sharing it, gathering people around the table, going out for it, the sixth and unofficial love language in my opinion. 

During a busy period, how do you stay balanced? 
Managing my time well and having clear boundaries. I love my job and what I do and could edit for hours, so I have found setting office hours helpful. My husband teases me because I often get up and am suddenly done with work at 4pm hahah, but I find it’s super important for my own balance. 

What do you do to relax? 
Packing a bag with my kindle and picnic essentials and taking it someplace quiet and green. I love sitting in the sunshine reading or sometimes just people watching. 

Your no.1 tip for a healthy mindset? 
Surrounding myself with positive people who encourage me - making a phone call to a close friend, connecting with people in my industry, saying yes to new things. Focusing on what I can control, not stressing about things and dates that are not here yet, instead breaking things down day by day and making the most of it. 

 Your ideal brownie combination? 
I’m easy, a classic, triple chocolate brownie makes my mouth water! Especially when I’m baking them at home; I’m the person that gets burnt for trying to take a bite off of freshly baked brownies.  

Now for your recommendations, tell us about your favourite…

Restaurant or Dish you're loving? 
At home - anything from Half Baked Harvest, and out, I cannot turn down a Flat Iron steak or a Dishoom feast.

Series on Netflix? 
Not on Netflix, but Tes Lasso is so good!! A short, heart warming comedy, definitely a favourite! 

Podcast you’re listening to? 
For an easy listen and a bit of a laugh, I enjoy What We Said and Thick and Thin. For a bit of business, I recently discovered Don’t Take This Personally and I can’t get enough! Anything light-hearted that makes me chuckle is a must on my list.

Most recent guilty pleasure? 
White wine on a warm day accompanied by a cheese board.

Thanks Alba!
You can find and follow Alba at @albaturnbull

Alba Turnbull Photographer
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