Meet Leafage Founder Kay Suppamas

Meet Leafage Founder Kay Suppamas

This week on #TheBite, we're chatting to Founder of Leafage Kay Suppamas, who runs hands-on terrarium workshops, DIY kits and other curated products, all dedicated to bringing the outside in. Kay talks to us about the importance of looking after ourselves first and the power of a morning routine. 

Tell us a little bit about what you do and how you came to be doing that? I run an urban gardening workshop teaching millennials to create low maintenance miniature gardens aka terrariums. Perfect for people who are looking to bring some greenery to their home but may lack the knowledge, live in limited space or have no access to a garden! Apart from workshop and team building activities, we also do DIY kits. 

What drives you to do what you do? 
After the sudden loss of my father back when I was 27, I launched Leafage as a passion project to promote wellbeing through nature. Terrarium making allows us to connect to nature, practice being present and learn a new skill to keep houseplants alive. I hope that our message, product and workshop will be a gateway for people to start their holistic and wellness journey. 


Following this past year of COVID19 and the global upheaval we’ve all experienced in different ways, we at BOBBIE’S feel that as a result we’re really feeling the need for more ‘balance’ in life; balance in the choices we make, balance for a healthy mindset, finding balance in the things we enjoy and balancing what we all do with the way we put back into society and support others. 

How has your perspective on life or work perhaps altered given your experiences of this past year? 

Nothing is more important than our health and mental wellbeing. I’ve been making time to rest and play more than ever, it’s great! 

I also value the importance to re-connect and nurture relationships with important people in my life. 

Where do you see the need or the advantages of balance in your own work/life perspectives? 
We have to look after ourselves before we can look after others. Having a morning routine where I meditate before work and blocking time for work and play is a game changer. 


When it comes to balancing treats and moderation - 

What’s your biggest #treatyoself indulgence? 
Having the evening off to read… simple pleasure is underrated. 

Your self-care non-negotiables? 
Daily personal growth - making time to learn something new everyday through podcast and/or reading.

During a busy period, how do you stay balanced? 
I block out time for work, play and exercise. I also leave my phone outside the bedroom to fully unplug. 

What do you do to relax? (activities, sports, indulgences, tv, cuisine, etc…) Podcast, nature, reading and cycling! 

Your no.1 tip for a healthy mindset? 
Feed your brain with inspiring and positive things. 

Your ideal brownie combination? 
Triple chocolate… 


Now for your recommendations, tell us about your favourite… 

Restaurant or Dish you're loving? 
Seared Tuna Tataki 

Series on Netflix? 
I don’t do Netflix! 

Podcast you’re listening to? 
Young People Doing Things by Ed Little 

Most recent guilty pleasure? 


Finally, Where can we find you online? 



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