Meet Freelance Writer Elle Redman

Meet Freelance Writer Elle Redman

This week on #TheBite, we're chatting to Freelance Writer Elle Redman. Elle talks to us about how her pace has slowed in the past year and the importance of balance, storytelling and the power of words. 

Tell us a little bit about what you do and how you came to be doing that?
I’m a freelance writer, journalist, and poet. In a nutshell, I’ve loved to write for as long as I can remember. But it’s only in the last year or so that I’ve been pursuing magazine journalism as more of a full-time gig. Before then, I worked in digital marketing for an advertising company in central London. Right now, I’m also a couple of weeks away from finishing my master’s degree, which is really exciting! 

What drives you to do what you do?
For me, it’s all about people and storytelling. It’s the opportunity to connect with people and communicate their stories in a creative way. I come alive when I get to write about causes and issues that I care about, or if I can somehow amplify a voice that might not have otherwise been heard.

I also love the whole idea of words being a tangible force – that with one small curve of the mouth or click of the tongue, they can empower, inform, stir, and move us. Words can help and heal. They can make us laugh and inspire new ways of thinking in us. If my words can do that for even one person, I’d be over the moon.

Following this past year of COVID19 and the global upheaval we’ve all experienced in different ways, we at BOBBIE’S feel that as a result we’re really feeling the need for more ‘balance’ in life; balance in the choices we make, balance for a healthy mindset, finding balance in the things we enjoy and balancing what we all do with the way we put back into society and support others.

How has your perspective on life or work perhaps altered given your experiences of this past year?

The last year has been a game-changer. In the middle of the pandemic, I left London, as well as my job, and moved back to South Wales, which is where I grew up. Like a lot of people, I relished in the slower pace of life that lockdown offered us – the time to pause and breathe. I realised that rushing through life wasn’t really working for me… it wasn’t bringing me joy. I’ve learnt that going back to basics can be a beautiful thing.

Where you do see the need or the advantages of balance in your own work/life perspectives?
My life is fuller, richer and a whole lot better when balance is involved. Though finding a healthy work life balance is easier said than done, in the long run, it boosts my creativity, brings me clarity, and empowers me to be a better writer, employee, friend, sister, and human being. 

When it comes to balancing treats and moderation -
What’s your biggest #treatyoself indulgence?
Anything topped with Lotus Biscoff has my heart.

Your self-care non-negotiables?
Baths are an absolute must. Together with candles, bath salts, a big cup of tea, and a bar of Lindt dark chocolate.

During a busy period, how do you stay balanced?
It sounds really simple but eating regular meals and prioritising good food, running, and having clear boundaries when it comes to work and study hours. Connecting with nature (and disconnecting from my phone) during any down-time is also an important one. Fresh air and laughter work wonders.

What do you do to relax? (activities, sports, indulgences, tv, cuisine, etc…)
As an introvert, spending time alone is really important to me – it’s where I draw most of my energy from and where I gather a sense of peace and rest. To avoid burning out, alone time has to be a daily practice for me, even if it means saying no to things sometimes. Whether that looks like taking an hour each morning to meditate or quietly sit in the stillness, or even keeping a Saturday free to roam around a museum or market, head to the beach, read a book in a coffee shop, or simply just hang out in my own company for a while. 

Your no.1 tip for a healthy mindset?
Slow down, take deep breaths, and be kind to yourself. Not everything is urgent, and small progress is still progress. 

Your ideal brownie combination?
Again, I’d have to say a Lotus Biscoff brownie (I think it’s a match made in heaven). 

Now for your recommendations, tell us about your favourite...

Restaurant or Dish you're loving?
I recently tried out a vegan curry recipe made with baked cauliflower and peanut butter. I know that sounds a bit strange, but it was delicious.

Series on Netflix?
When it comes to TV and movies, I’m a real creature of habit. So, you’ll usually find me re-watching the same nostalgic episodes of Gilmore Girls, Dawson’s Creek, or Friends (for the 100th time).

Podcast you’re listening to?
There are so many that I’m loving at the moment. ‘The Yikes Podcast’ by Mikaela Loach and Jo Becker is super insightful – I learn something challenging and new every time I tune in. There’s also ‘Human’ by Jess Mills. And a friend of mine recently introduced me to BBC Radio 5 Live’s Eye of the Storm podcast, hosted by Emma Barnett. If you love storytelling, it’s definitely a good one to check out.

Most recent guilty pleasure?
I wish I could say something relatively cool like Love Island, but I absolutely love Great British Railway Journeys and Escape to the Chateau (basically old folk TV is my guilty pleasure). 

Finally, where can we find you online?
You can find me over on Instagram: @elleredman

I’m also updating my website at the moment, which you’ll find at in a few weeks’ time, as well as my Etsy shop Words By Elle where I run a small poetry business.
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